The product used for this set is: Med Room Maki.

The esthetic charm and versatility of the Island model are also maintained in the version with the structure leaning against a vertical surface. In this pergola the Maki cloth (patent pending) in resistant anti-UV blackout PVC opens outward from the wall thanks to the innovative system of aluminum rollers (ΓΈ 75 mm) that permit rolling back the cloth by means of alternate rotation. The rollers, while sliding on the lateral guides, collect the individual cloths to the right and left. Instead, the “fixed“ rollers, which collect the led lights, do not turn during movement, rather they simply slide on the guides. The slope of the cloth favors the drainage of water, which flows through the specific pipes inside the frame then onto the ground through the openings at the base of the posts. The movement transmission system is on lateral 60 x 100 mm guides with a high-resistance timing belt, rotating on ball bearings. The cloth awning is operated by motorized SOMFY systems. The structure is available with 2 or 4 150 x 150 mm posts to permit covering an area of up to 50 sq. m. A roof, integrated in the frame, which gives added protection to the cloth when rolled back.


(L) Width up to 500 cm

(S) Projection up to 700 cm (2 posts)
up to 1000 cm (4 posts)

(H) Height under the beam 240 cm
frame 43 cm